Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Another year, another series, another heart-thumping situation for current Form 5 students battlling it out for SPM and the National Service or Program Latihan Khidmat Negara (NS/PLKN) for Siri 9/2012. Just relax. It's either a new experience or a new fright for all of you. All in all be prepared for what you're about to know. Enjoy the post! :)

Well, by SMS, simply type


And send to


You can also check via their website,

But it seems that the server is loaded & always fail to load. (So much for cutting edge)
Best to check by using SMS.

Well I'm not chosen. :) 

This is nostalgia. 2 years ago. :D


1. If you got chosen then you'll be chosen indeed.
2. If you didn't get chosen, then you'll not be chosen again.
3. ONLY by late November (sooner or later) NS trainees will know the details such as which batch, location and so on.

By August,
The chosen ones should get a form from the school and must be filled ASAP.

For a more complete info, you can go here

Here's some extra important FAQ.

Deserters and draft dodgers are subject to punishment of a fine of up to but not exceeding RM 3000, and/or up to six months of jail. Deferrals to a later date are allowed. Exclusion from the program requires that the conscript fall under one of the following ten categories:[3]
Non selected civilians are also allowed to volunteer to enter the program after filling out certain forms in camps.

Think twice before decide to dodge. lol


For those who kena, You can check your status and location by SMS

Type PLKN KEM and send to 15888

My LowYat Forum post here.

Good Luck to you all! biggrin.gif
Until then, hope you guys face SPM with all your might.


"The camp will be COMPULSORY (WAJIB)
for all students starting from 2010 batch of Form 5 students."

The statement above is bullcrap. It is not yet implemented (NOT TRUE).
So you should be relieved. (For now)

Therefore, you'll still have to check your status.

Will update if there are changes made by the Education Department. Want to know more?
Contact your school authorities or go to the website above.

Don't understand much English? Okay.

Untuk mengetahui jikalau anda terpilih untuk PLKN atau tidak, sila layari laman web yang tertera di atas. Sekiranya ada masalah dengan laman web tersebut, sila guna kaedah SMS.  Sekian. 

Hmmm. I can feel my BM is  getting a bit rusty. =/

Will periodically update this post every year. 
Thanks & good luck. :)


shaziera87 said...

thnks for the guide boy..! i've been lost when searching this list name for my brother at gov website.. try many time still got fail and fail.. until i get to ur blog and catch for the information u wrote.. thanks again! u really help ^.^

>stRObeRry< said...

thanx....sye dpat mcok plkn....tp cm ner erk nk tw ktew dpat kt ner????

¢ħуαη 【♂】 said...


You're welcome. Glad to help out. ^^


kes ya sye xdpt konfem ak.. gne sms kot.
tpi ikut jer dgn info post sye nih in the future..

jemingsosad said...

aku x suka laaa msuk plkn??
macam mner la nak btal

ka kay said...

thanks a lot for the guide. :)

Chyan said...

@ka kay

Glad I could help. :)

☠чouЧou☠ said...

y i sent that sms but didn't get a reply?

Chyan said...


Their server might be overloaded and you might get it slower.

If not, later check at their website.

wONdER Girl said...

ade pmilihn lg x untok pmilihn kum.2 atau kum 3

wada stella said...

ade orang cakap snarai nme yg terpilih intuk ke plkn akn dbubarkan balik bln 10 nti .. btOl kea ?? arap2 xbetol ar .. da smangat nk pegi da ni .. urm